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7 March
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A couple of new livejournal friends are inspiring me, without any effort on their part, to come up with a real bio, for a change. What's below has been here for as long as I can remember:

I think anything about me that matters can be found out by reading my journal or my list of interests, or by asking. I'm really not good at this bio thing.

My entries are about 50% public and 50% . Entries about real life people and events are mostly friends-only. Everything else is public.

The word 'friend' is a verb now, apparently.

If you friend me, I'll return the favor unless you've given me a reason not to. If I friended you first, it's because of something I saw in your journal or profile that I liked or found interesting, and comes with no expectation that you'll friend me back. Of course, if you want to, go right ahead!

Nice to meet you.  :)

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